Football is a highly passionate game. Players give their all for their team on the field, no matter where they come from. The issue with passion is that it is hinged on emotion, which can get out of hands at times. Emotions can cause people to act like they normally wouldn’t. A slight provocation can lead to a huge fight between rivals. But, sometimes, they can also lead to clashes between players on the same team. Here are 5 instances when the players decided to have a go at their own teammates.

1. Lee Bowyer v Kieron Dyer (Newcastle United v Aston Villa, 2005)

With ten minutes remaining at St James’ Park, and a restless home crowd baying for blood with their side 3-0 down, tension spilled over between the duo. Bowyer and Dyer simply started scrapping on the pitch to the astonishment of the players around them. Both players were given their marching orders by the referee for the scuffle.

The incident resulted in a seven game ban for Bowyer and the humiliation was complete for both players as they were forced to make a public apology.

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