In a momentous stride for Indian sports, the nation is poised to make its first-ever
appearance on the international Futsal stage. The spotlight shines brightly on the
exceptional prowess of six exceptional players from the prestigious Minerva
Academy: Kashinath, David, Sandesh, Abhay, Nikhil, and Jayesh, who have been
selected to represent India in this historic endeavor.

Highlighting the caliber of talent, Mr. Ranjit Bajaj has been entrusted with the role of
Manager for the Indian National Futsal team. With his remarkable track record in
nurturing footballing excellence, Bajaj’s appointment brings promise and leadership
to the forefront as the Indian team steps onto the global Futsal arena.
This milestone achievement underscores the remarkable growth of Futsal in India.
With its fast-paced gameplay and skill-intensive nature, Futsal has been gaining
traction across the country, captivating the hearts of sports enthusiasts. The team’s
upcoming participation in the AFC Qualifiers stands as a testament to India’s
commitment to excellence and its resolute determination to make a mark on the
international Futsal map.

The rise of Futsal in India has been remarkable, with the sport gaining popularity
across the nation. The Indian National Futsal team is now actively preparing for the
AFC Qualifiers and it is an opportunity to excellence in the world of Futsal, hence
leading up to the Futsal International event has seen rigorous training and
The journey to Bahrain is the result of meticulous preparation, evident in the two
pivotal phases of the National Futsal camp. The initial phase unfolded at the revered
Minerva Academy, serving as the launchpad for the players’ rigorous training and
selection process. The second phase was meticulously hosted in Amritsar at Taran
Tran, under the adept guidance of Mr. Bali, the Secretary of Football Association of
Punjab and AIFF Futsal Chairman.

These phases not only honed the players’ skills but also fostered camaraderie and
unity amongst the team members.
The anticipation reaches a crescendo as India’s debut Futsal Internationals are set to
unfold in Bahrain from August 10th to 15th, 2023. This historic event promises to be a
thrilling spectacle, showcasing India’s newfound prowess and determination in the
world of Futsal.


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