The Sheru Classic Maha Mumbai Kabaddi League is on the cusp of producing Mumbai’s champions kabaddi team. With the end of the group stage at the MMKL, on the 24th of August, 2022, the top four teams in all the three men’s categories and the finalists from the women’s categories became clear. 

The twelfth and the final day of the league stage matches brought to us the most intense and fierce competition between two teams from the seniors category, the August Kranti Express and the Mumbai Ultras. The latter made it into the top four after gaining 11 points more than the August Kranti Express. The top four teams to have qualified for the playoffs from the men’s seniors category are Namo Bharat keading the table, followed by  Raje Chandrarao Warriors at number two and Mumbai che Maharaje and Mumbai Ultras Kabaddi club. The top two will face each other while the third and the fourth positioned teams will fight it out to get to the second qualifier round. 

The top four teams qualified for the playoffs from the junior men’s category are Borivali Bahubali who will be pitted against Raje Chandra Rao Warriors for Qualifier 1 and Gavali Dhurandhar who will go against Namo Bharat for Eliminator 1. The winner from the eliminator round will get a match against the losing team from the first qualifiers. 

The four teams to qualify for the playoffs from the sub-junior men’s category are Mumbai che Maharaje, August Kranti Express, Mumbai Ultras Kabaddi Club and Namo Bharat. Thus, making Namo Bharat the only team t qualify for the playoffs in all three categories. 

As the men’s teams are getting ready for the playoffs, the women’s teams are geared up for the Grand Finals. The top two teams from each category have entered the finals round and will be battling for the Sheru Classic Maha Mumbai Kabaddi League Maha Champions title on the 28th of August 2022. The Goregaon Gladiators and the Mumbai Upnagar Express are the top two teams from the seniors category  to play in the finals. The juniors category will see the clash of titans as Harjeet Sandhu from Mumbai chi Mahashakti goes against Pranjal Pawar from the Mumbai Ultras Kabaddi Club. These two franchises will stand against each other twice as the sub-junior category teams play for the finals. 

The playoffs and the finals is sure to be a big affair as we find out the champions from the Maha Mumbai Kabaddi League. However, before the finals get started,SportVot and the Sheru Classic Maha Mumbai Kabaddi League have announced an Exhibition Match as the Mumbai University’s staff will be given a platform to enjoy the game of kabaddi and the most inspiring event where we can witness specially challenged players celebrate and spread the joy of sports. These special exhibition matches will be happening LIVE at the Sports Complex in Mumbai University with open entry to one and all. The exhibition matches along with the playoffs and the finals will also be streamed LIVE on SportVot app.


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