In endeavors of promoting the sport of Golf in Navi Mumbai; City and Industrial Development Corporation (CIDCO) is organizing the KVGC-CIDCO Cup Golf Tournament at its new Kharghar Valley Golf Course (KVGC) on the 15th December, 2018, Saturday. This tournament is expected to be an enhancer for the awareness about the sport and spread its benefits.

There will be close to 100 golfers including a few celebrities like former Indian Cricketer AjitAgarkar and other active golfers associated with various golf clubs of Mumbai and Pune regions. These players will be representatives from renowned clubs like the Bombay Presidency Golf Club (BPGC), Willington Golf Club, Oxford Golf Resort, Poona Golf Club, US Club and Golden Swan etc.

Expressing on the initiative,Mr. Lokesh Chandra, VC and MDCIDCO said,“The presence of a Golf course in Navi Mumbai is extremely beneficial just not for the popularity of the game but it is immensely advantageous of the locals in terms of Health, Environment, Social and Economic viewpoints.

KVGC warming welcomes all the sport lovers as they are certain to have a great golfing session at an extremely cost-effective manner. This will also be a great way to spend some quality time with their loved ones in a lush green, health friendly environment; which is rare in a metropolitan city.”KVGC is spread across an area of 103 hectares developed with 11 holes and operational as a 9 holes golf course from 01st January, 2013. The course includes a driving range and practice hole on a Pay & Play basis.  It is CIDCO’s thoughtful attempt to bring in prestigious events on the national and international golfing calendar to Navi Mumbai in turn promoting awareness the sport among NaviMumbaikars. The brand new club house at KVGC, opened in April 2018 has a full-fledged, professionally managed start of art club house with restaurant, pro-shop, conference room facility.

According to the top research findings; golfing industry in India has been a massive generator of jobs and revenue as it has created nearly 13,000 jobs during 2015 with an average income of Rs. 239.9 crs. Hence, it is understandably a growing industry on financial fronts. Further the sport is extremely essential for creating a human friendly environment; in an age climate changes and global warming; golf courses prove to be large catchment area. Capturing rain water and injecting it into the aquifer helps recharging ground water table and increase the water levels.Golf course with an average of 18 holes can produce adequate Oxygen for nearly 11,000 people every day. This is much more as compared to that of an acre of rainforest land.


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