History is littered with brothers in football and has been a very common occurrence, with them winning multiple trophies and also managing to play for their countries too.

Like the Neville brothers, with both Gary and Phil Neville playing for Manchester United and Everton respectively, the Toure brothers with Yaya and Kolo Toure, the Boateng half-brotheras with Kevin Prince, George and Jerome, World cup winning Charlton brothers and so many more.

Then all you have to do is add sibling rivalry to the mix and you get a lethal combination of one trying to outdo the other. So this list showcases 11 brothers from all over the world and weall figure out who wins this bout of rivalry.



  1. Geoffrey and Evans Kondogbia

With Geoffrey Kondogbia playing for Inter at only 23 after being sold for 31 million, his brother it seems has not had the same fate, despite joining the Italian giants at the same time as his brother. However with Inter loaning him out to multiple clubs in the space of a year, it seems that his younger brother hand a hand in his older brotheras transfer to Inter.

But despite that it seems that Evans has played at his fair share of clubs, in Belgium, France, Italy and Spain and now with him being back from loan, one wonder where will he go next??

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