JUNE 23, DELHI: Late last night the Amatuer Kabaddi Federation of India, issued a notice that the Yuva Kabaddi Series, currently taking place in Mysuru, is not sanctioned by them. The notice informed players that it had not sanctioned the league, nor will issue certificates with regards to the same, The notice also asked, all units affiliated with AKFI, to refrain from participating in the league.

Yuva Kabaddi Series, is in it’s 5th season, and has been organising the season with multiple state organisations, however the current season itself is organised under the aegis of Karnataka Rajya Kabaddi Association, a body which itself has been embroiled in infighting amongst its members, and where key member associations like the Bengaluru Urban Zilla Kabaddi Association, a key member of the state body, has had issues with regards to it’s recognition as another Bengaluru Urban District Kabaddi Association has taken this issue to court.

Yuva Kabaddi Series has seen participation from multiple players, and Pro Kabaddi League prospects, however a league five seasons old, being regarded as “unofficial” after the league started around a week ago, and the whole kabaddi fraternity knew. AKFI should have announced the same, earlier.

Yuva Kabaddi Series, as an organisation, has not bothered to be partnered with the AKFI, and get all it’s paperwork managed, as it’s mistakes have lead to futures of kabaddi players, most of whom are under 23 years of age, uncertain.Mistakes of organisers in question, have lead to players being affected adversely.


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