Local Teams Clash in a 10-Day Cricket Spectacle from 20th – 29th November 2023.

SADABAD, November 16, 2023: The cricket season in India is at its peak, with the ongoing final stage of the ODI Men’s World Cup and a long domestic season scheduled ahead.

While the domestic grassroots level cricket season has always experienced an emergence of new talent especially in the post-IPL phase, the talent discovery process has taken a new route with multiple league-based tournaments coming up at the local level. A similar cricketing spectacle is set to grip Agra from the 20th November 2023 till the 29th of November 2023 with the Sadabd T-20 League.

With the participation of six domestic teams, the tournament aims to unearth local cricketing talent, tapping into the fervor that has surged post-IPL in Uttar Pradesh. The league, featuring 18 games, serves as a crucial platform for aspiring players looking to make their mark in the cricketing landscape. Though the league aims to discover emerging grassroots talent, key players who have previously represented or are currently representing India such as Rinku Singh and Rahul Sharma amongst others will be seen participating in the tournament.

Embracing modern avenues, the Sadabad T-20 League has partnered with SportVot as the digital and broadcast partner along with Pavilion TV as the streaming partner and Probo as the gaming partner for end-to-end digitization of the league, thus ensuring that the cricketing action reaches a wider audience. So, you can catch all the games on the Pavilion YouTube Channel and SportVot app, even if you can’t make it to the field. As the teams compete, Agra will be buzzing with cricket fever. The finals on November 29th will be the climax, crowning the champions of this exciting tournament. It’s not just cricket; it’s a chance for our local talent to shine.


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