The Sheru Classic Maha Mumbai Kabaddi League recorded 1.3 million + digital impressions and 200k+ viewership  within three days of its commencement from the 13th of August, 2022, happening at the Sports Complex, University of Mumbai, Kalina Campus. The first of its kind league with an all inclusive structure and exciting schedule has managed to keep the viewers hooked to the cut throat competition during the matches and is working its charm amongst sports fans and people are showing immense support to the local players for their game and their passion for the sport.

One of India’s largest Sports Hubs, SportVot, envisions the tournament to provide a platform to the Kabaddi community at the grassroots level from Mumbai Suburbs. The kabaddi community praised the league’s vision and execution, and participated in large numbers right from the trials round. The participation and viewership reflect the changing attitude of Indian youth toward Kabaddi.

Speaking about reaching a successful milestone, Shubhangi Gupta, CMO, SportVot said, “We are happy to have crossed a million’s mark in just three days of the opening week of the league. We anticipated the turn around and it will be our constant endeavour to provide the enriching viewing experience. We look forward to many more season of MMKL and bring many more talented players like Bharat Karangutkar, Akash Kadam, and Harjeet Sandhu, in limelight through our player centric approach model.”

In today’s world, youth want more opportunities and fresher platforms to showcase their talent! As a platform for players who want to enter the world of Kabaddi as a profession, the Sheru Classic Maha Mumbai Kabaddi League has been established. Sheru Classic MMKL is SportVot’s first successful step in empowering young sports talent with a player-centric approach at the grassroots level.  


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