SportVot launches the SportVot District Kabaddi Championship, a Kabaddi tournament in Mumbai suburbs, to develop and promote Kabaddi talent

The Kabaddi season in Maharashtra is in full swing and the Kabaddi community in the state is buzzing. Adding to their excitement, SportVot in affiliation with the Mumbai Upnagar Kabaddi Association has launched its second Kabaddi tournament, the SportVot District Kabaddi Club Championship.

The SportVot District Kabaddi Club Championship is set to commence from the 21st of January till the 26th of January 2023. The tournament will host 64 teams in the open category in the men’s and women’s section, with 24 teams in the Men’s ‘A’ division. The most popular and successful clubs from the Mumbai Suburbs such as the Swastik Krida Mandal, Abhinav Krida Mandal, Parle Sport Club have registered for the tournament along with other elite Kabaddi clubs. The championship tournament in its inaugural season will be giving a platform to 1100+ emerging kabaddi athletes from Mumbai Suburbs. SportVot had also co-organised the Maha Mumbai Kabaddi League in affiliation with the Mumbai Upnagar Kabaddi Association in August 2022. The league experienced immense success and support from the Kabaddi community leading to many athletes from the league cementing their positions in the following Maharashtra State Ajinkyapad Selection Tournaments.

After the success of the Maha Mumbai Kabaddi League, this is SportVot’s second venture into Kabaddi as a tournament organiser. SportVot CEO, Mr. Sidhhant Agarwal, expressed,

“Our experience of co-creating the Maha Mumbai Kabaddi League was really inspiring. The fact that we could provide a platform for so many talented Kabaddi athletes from Mumbai was surreal. Now, we find it only apt to come up with another tournament that can help us empower these local kabaddi athletes and give them the opportunity and the global platform that they deserve. We have a long standing association with the Mumbai Upnagar Kabaddi Association and we are glad to have their support in this journey of empowering Kabaddi across Maharashtra starting with Mumbai suburbs. We are looking forward to some stellar performances and discovering some amazing athletes”

The tournament is set to host some of the best teams and clubs from the Mumbai Suburbs district with some of Mumbai’s most sought after players like Abhishek Nar, Bharat Karangutkar, Ashish Mohite, Akash Arsul, Sayali Jadhav and many others displaying their skills to the world.  The entire tournament will be digitised and streamed Live on the SportVot app. Stay tuned for more updates about the SportVot District Kabaddi Championship.



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