Hurdler Aries Merritt who is a world record holder as well as an Olympic champion finished fourth in the 110 metres hurdle at the US trials on Saturday theAhence failed to make the cut for the team to Rio de Janeiro Games.

Only recently in September, Merritt had undergone surgery for a kidney transplant and had to finish in the top three to qualify for the Games. But he clocked 13.22 seconds and missed the third place just by a hundredth of a second.

“I thought I had finished second or third,” said the 30-year-old, who was leading with two hurdles to go.
“When it came up fourth I was shocked.

There was no change in the results from the officials’ end when Merritt had asked for re-reading of the finis photo.

The surprise winner in the category was college student Devon Allen who clocked 13.03 seconds while with 13.21 seconds Ronnie Ash and Jeff Porter finished behind him.

A torn groin five weeks ago had slowed Merritt’s progress this season, he said.
“This was only my fourth meet of the year,” he added. “To be where I am is a miracle.
“It’s a pity I am not going to the Games because I know in six weeks time I will be in much better shape.”


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