With just days left for the Rio Olympics to begin, Brazil is still not ready after almost 7 years, 12 billion dollars and a host ofAcontroversiesAand problems, even though authorities say that they will be ready inAtime.

Protesters have turned out for a demonstration in Rio against President Dilma Rousseff, less than 5 days before the start of the Games. They carried banners that said ‘Dilma out and Prison for Lula’ reffering to the former president who was charged with obstruction in an ongoing corruption case. A lawyer was a part of the protest said ‘We want our country back and for these people to go,’ as he carried a inflatable doll of a judge who is leading the probe into bribes and kickbacks atAstate oil giants Petrobas.


This “problem” has shaken the political and the business enviroment in Brazil, and cast’s a bad impression on the first ever Olympic Games held in South America. With Rousseff’s impeachment held from the 29 of August, she was replaced by Vice President Michel Temer, and if ousted he will finish her tenure.

In Brasilia, 2000 plus protesters came dressed up in the colors of the Brazilian flag and took part in a demonstration against Rousseff and her allegations, and similar protests were held all over, including Sao Paulo, Salvador and Belo Horizonte.

Zika virus worries athletes
Zika virus worries athletes


This scandal is not the first to show up during the days counting down to the games, with many other problems being faced by the athletes, including the dorms not being built properly, body parts showing up all over a beach, armed robbery on the streets, the Zika virus and water pollution. A local pediatrician saidAForeign athletes will literally be swimming in human crap, and they risk getting sick from all those microorganisms. Itas sad, but also worrisome.’ Damn straightAit is!!


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