The Nashik District Cricket Association has onboarded SportVot as its official digital partner.

NASHIK, February 14: SportVot, a sports-tech company from Mumbai announced its partnership with the Nashik District Cricket Association, thus becoming its exclusive and official digital partner. SportVot currently has partnered with key sports associations such as the Maharashtra State Kabaddi Association, Raigad District Kabaddi Association, Thane District Kabaddi Association, and Pune Sports Zonal Committee amongst others. The tech start-up is developing the habit of digitisation and performance analytics at the pro-tier level and aims to become the leading force in transforming the Indian sports ecosystem. The platform has featured marque cricket talent from various domestic tournaments and is now expanding its base in newer geographies across India.

Sameer Joshi, Secretary of the Nashik District Cricket Association expressed his joy saying, “We are glad to have associated with SportVot as our digital partner. Over the course of time, the nature of the game has changed to a great extent. To keep up with the developments at the highest level of the sport, we think it is only time that we adapt technology at the pro tier level where the talent is spotted for the first time. Through our partnership with SportVot, we are looking to not just bring the cricketing talent from Nashik to the world but also use the technology to enhance the player performance and help the coaches with better ways to identify talent.”

SportVot has worked extensively across multiple sports and has covered more than 25,000+ games featuring over 150,000+ athletes from the grassroots of India. It is in exclusive partnership with key associations such as The partnership with the N.D.C.A comes in as an important association for SportVot in cricket. Sharing the news, Ms. Shubhangi Gupta, Co-founder of SportVot expressed, “ We are extremely glad to be associated with the NDCA as their digital partner. At SportVot we have always aimed to empower the community at the grassroots level. There is some really promising cricketing talent in Nashik and all they need is a platform that can help them raise the bar of their talent, with technology that is easy to use, to understand, and that can help them pave their way to the professional level of cricket. SportVot is here to offer the exact same thing with easy-to-use technology that tracks every player’s action and maintains every record. SportVot with NDCA plans to give 2500+ emerging cricketers from Nashik a platform to upgrade their skills. I think these players are going to be the biggest beneficiary of our partnership.”

SportVot will be broadcasting all the matches from the Nashik District Cricket Association and profiling all the players under the NDCA. 


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