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Lalita Babar will take her mark tomorrow at the 3000m Steeplechase event final in Rio. buy celebrex online without prescription, buy Zoloft online.

The so called trendsetter of the Indian athletics will walk on the field tomorrow to try and win a medal for India. It will be a tough ask for the 27 year old athlete form a drought prone Satara region in Maharashtra, but it is not entirely impossible. After PT Usha, she is the second women to qualify for the finals of the Steeplechase event. PT Usha achieved the feet in the year 1984 at Los Angeles.

Babar finished 4th in her heats and qualified for the big stage with a record timing of 9 minutes, 19.76 seconds and if she repeats the timing or does better than she will be the torch bearer of Indian athletics in the Olympics. She was the 7th fastest qualifier overall and she is highly expected to perform in the same manner in tomorrowas crucial event. Social Media has witnessed pictures of her family travelling to different temples to pray for her.

Lalita Babar
Lalita Babar

It remains a big question whether Babar will surpass PT Ushaas timings who had missed her Bronze by one hundredth of a second. Babar has a difficult job on her hands as she will compete against the best in the business. The reigning world champion, the reigning Olympic champion as well as the the season leader will be her counterparts. Adding to the concern, there will be 5 runners competing tomorrow who had managed to finish ahead of Babar in last yearas World Championships in Beijing.

The Kenya born Ruth Jebet, who switch to Baharain colours in 2013 is said to be the favorite for tomorrowas event. She is the season leader with an unbelievable timing of 8:59.97s which she registered in Eugene in May. The only positive is that the Baharain runner finished behind Babar in Beijing last year. Apart from her, Habibi Gharibi from Tunisia will also be a tough competitor. She was the Gold medal winner at London Olympics in 2012.

So it will be a wonderful exposure for Indiaas Lalita Babar at the big stage. Family and fans from India have started their prayers so that Babar performs well in tomorrowas big event.

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