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Sometimes you define an innings far better than an inning defines you; you might have been just recalled by billions during your birthday or when such innings are discussed about- coz its said in cricket that the last six out of the park has always mattered more than the 97, but in the eyes of true admirers he came in when the hosts in 2011 lost Sachin Tendulkar and Sehwag in just 6.1 overs with 31 runs on the board . Some innings are blockbuster hits , they have always uprooted the middle stump ofA some anchored innings ,result being just another name a? UNSUNG HEROa.

An hero is a hero acapped or uncapped- sung or unsung! Such is Gautam Gambhir.He may not have played audacious shots sending balls out of park and lavish innings, but heas one of them to walk quietly , putting his gloves on , calm with an uncompromissable attitude focused to achieve victory! Thatas the kind of quality the team rubs on. His records and match statistics are such that cricket analytics can happily wash their hands at glee . A shaky beginning , the left hander was ignored in 2007 world cup squad for uthappa who then got selected for opening with sehwag. The fire burned so high that the light got spread long to make it show its presence. From 2008-2011 , he scored 6543 runs in all forms in the 133 matches he played and was the second-highest run-getter for India behindA Sehwag (6834 from 109 games). He is not a big hitter and neither had the best feature to hit hardA but he had the immense power to absorb pressure and build an innings and thus a man of big matches . If I was asked to name him rather than being a unsung hero , I would call him a dream bearer, How single handedly he had let the dream of billions to get fulfilled.A Fair to say, Gambhir played a major role in three big triumphs of Indian cricket, 75 against Pakistan in 2007 world cup finals, 97 in 2011 world cup and india winning test at new Zealand soil after 41 years occupying the crease for 11 hours and scoring 137 of 436 balls. Undoubtedly he was the first Indian to become the test player of the season.

Itas a consistency and record that speaks volumes of Gambhiras leadership skills. Two IPL titles in three years, runners-up in Champions League Twenty20 2014 just are the reflections of his services for Kolkata knight riders . Gambhir is a story that never has known to lie back but tharsh on faces of his critics not only with the runs but an attitude to own the 22 yards. Last year with a terrible start to IPL season with three ducks in four matches ..he bounced back and KKR too.

a?Iam disappointed but not defeated; Iam cornered but not a coward. Grit my partner, courage my pride, for I must fight, I must fight,a? LIFE has itas own way of testing one;s endurance and denting oneas spirit. Pushing one to edge and then again stay calm enough.

A time came when his batting skills were questioned , last time he scored a ton was in 2010 and in 2014 he got a chance in squad again replacing Dhawan but only scored a 0 and 3 which led to his final downfall from national team though he kept on playing in ranjhi and for Syed-Mustaq Ali trophy. Some say he was trying to hard to search for his batting paradise and some said the man has fallen hard this time. But he kept on searching answers, and thus fate ordained him a comeback as 12th man in the indian side for INDIA a NEW ZEALAND TEST on 2016. Wat was worse that he was called for fielding and he dropped a catch- Wat could get worse? But a silver lining was when dhawan was injured and kohli called for gambhir to open or India again. He walked in with in his soul and patience in eyes- he was no more the then gambhir. Matt Henry bowled short and wide. Gambhir quickly rocked back and flawlessly cut it to point boundary. He was no more nervous ..came such consecutive sixes that sehwag on commentary box too got charged up for his former mate. His innings was cut short on 29. On third day, he suffered a shoulder injury,retired hurt! Yet again, Gambhir fought his demons and took the crease when Vijay was dismissed. Gambhir wasnat the one to easily back down.Letas cut to the chase. Gambhir scored 50 off 56. Mark the strike-rate: 89.29.

His inseparable will to serve the team again and again is what has always been reflected in his words. To play the game he loves, he lives for to find not only a recognition but to play outrageously against spinning attacks and the scorecard may read anything , but he wanted his innings to always be worth a worth to watch and worth to remember.

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