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Adda52 revamps Diwali with its campaign ‘Poker Nights with Gayle’

Chris Gayle Adda52

Adda52, India’s leading online poker website organized ‘Poker Nights with Gayle’, an exclusive Diwali extravaganza on 24th October at Mayfair Banquet in Mumbai.

The event was a unique experience for the poker enthusiasts who enjoyed playing this mind and skill-based game with the world-renowned cricketer and brand ambassador of Adda52, Chris Gayle.

The event was specifically organized for renowned poker players of the city who very enthusiastically and strategically tried their hands while playing the game with Chris. It was a fun-filled evening with Diwali celebrations all around and people enjoying the festivity and the game.

Sharing his idea behind organizing this Poker Nights with Gayle, Mohit Agarwal, CEO and Co-founder of Adda52 said, “We are India’s biggest online poker community and so we thought why not celebrate Diwali with our huge poker family. We are pleased to have famous celebrities, Adda52 patrons and all the poker lovers with us today. It is such a pleasure to meet everyone under one roof, enjoying the game around the celebratory vibes.”

Chris Gayle seemed extremely excited about his first ever Diwali Poker party in India and said. “India has so much to offer and you experience so many new things every day. I am thrilled to be a part of this amazing event. It is astonishing as well as liberating to see the pace at which the poker industry is growing in India and I am delighted to be a part of this revolution by being associated with the leaders in the industry. For me, poker is special because it helps me relax mentally.”

Adda52 is a pioneer in online poker in India and provides a safe and secure platform for the poker lovers owing to its award-winning technology. The portal is aimed at providing an enjoyable gaming experience to its diverse set of users along with enhancing their aptitude and analytical skills, by the virtue of the game that it is.

Speaking on the occasion about his views on the future of Online gaming industry, Mohit added, “India is one of the top five countries for online gaming in the world. The industry is expected to grow up to $1.1 billion by 2020 owing to the favorable demographics, internet plus smartphone penetration and digital payment infrastructure. And with the increasing popularity of poker as a skill-based game, the online poker industry is bound to grow at an unimaginable pace in the coming years. Observing this trend, we are focusing on addressing a lot more poker users’ needs through our innovations and award-winning technology.”

According to the All India Gaming Federation, skill-based gaming is the future of the online gaming industry in India. Out of the total $200 million grand value of the gaming industry, approximately $70 million is based on real money gaming and the rest $130 million is for the casual gaming sector. And Adda52 intends to invest aggressively to maintain its leadership position in this huge market space without compromising on its value and quality standards.

The event ‘Poker Nights with Gayle’ is an ode to the customary Indian Diwali celebration and an effort to bring people together to have fun. Poker is a great fitment to the occasion as it captures the spirit of Diwali.

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