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DafaNews was announced as the Principal Partners for Mumbai Marines Football Club, for the upcoming 2022-23 season of MFA Super Premier League.

Mumbai Marines FC are proud to announce DafaNews, the online sports news portal, as its Principal Partners, for the upcoming season.

As a part of this partnership, Dafanews logo will appear on front of the senior team and reserve team’s jerseys. Dafanews will also be following Mumbai Marines’ journey closely during the 2022-23 season. DafaNews is already partnered and supported many sports franchisees and teams across India, however the deal with Mumbai Marines FC, will be the first where they would be a part of a local community based football club.

Sachim Karekar, Co-Founder and CEO of Mumbai Marines Football Club, said, “We at Mumbai Marines FC really are grateful about the support received from DafaNews. This partnership and deal will help lift Mumbai Marines FC to greater heights. We have already achieved three promotions in three seasons, and this will surely help us attempt for the fourth one. Also the reach the DafaNews will give us to spread our inspiring story will help us reach to more fans across the board.”

Joao Coimbra Tavares, Dafanews Manager, said, “We at DafaNews have had a long history of supporting sports, and we were really impressed by the story of this local Mumbai-based club, which achieved three back-to-back promotions. We have a vision of supporting such clubs and such stories, and this is where we build our partnership with Mumbai Marines. We hope to play an important role in the progress of the club and look forward to seeing them progress to the top tier of football. The role Mumbai Marines plays amongst young players and the given opportunity to grow in sports is something amazing. This is the way we find to support them in making their dreams come true.”

Tarish Bhatt, Real Sports Chief Business Officer, said, “It’s a pleasure to help build this project, Mumbai Marines have been doing a fantastic job till now. We are extremely happy to have been working closely with them and hope they go on to succeed with their goals this season.

Mumbai Marines FC is placed in Group D of MFA Super Premier League, and will kickstart it’s campaign, on August 26, with a fixture against Ratnam FC. 

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