The Italian says he has never seen a table tennis event packaged so well .

During the Tie 10 match of the CEAT Ultimate Table Tennis league played between DHFL Maharashtra United and Dabang Smashers TTC held at the Thyagraj Sports complex, Delhi, India on July 22, 2017.
Photo : Pal Pillai/ Focus Sports / Ultimate Table Tennis

July 26, 2017:AIndiaas Table Tennis head coach Massimo Costantini said he is very impressed but not surprisedAwith the performance of Indian players in the ongoing CEAT Ultimate Table Tennis. The Italian said the league has givenAIndian players a level ground for training with some of the best in the world which is a good sign for Indian table tennisAoverall.

a?The boys have beaten top players in recent past, and here seeing Sathiyan, Sanil and Harmeet do that again isnat surprisingAfor me as I work with them and know what they are capable of,a? said Costantini. He said before the league, no one knewAor believed that our (Indian) players could beat best in the world, but its now there for everyone to see.

On the league, he said he was captivated with the packaging of the league. a?Itas a show thatas never been seen in TableAtennis, and the setting is unbelievable. 11Even Sports has done a great job and ITTF can surely pick up some great ideas fromAthis event,a? the Italian said before leaving for the 2017 Jordan Junior & CadetAOpen.

Besides the national playersa performance, Costantini emphasised that the league surely will create a new found respectAbetween Indian and international players and teach them so much more about team spirit. a?While its always a three gameAmatch, but its not best of three, a player or pair has to play all three games to earn points, which in turn creates a goodAteam atmosphere,a? explained Costantini. He said every player and every point becomes critical hence the bunch ofAtalented players become a great team in no time.


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