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Football keeps growing, year after year. It continuously changes with each new season. Many people now attach money with football. It is true, money is now a part of football.A

Managers are the most important people at any football club and they are the ones who come under fire when team donat live up to the expectations. Managers bring in their philosophy to the club and can change the fortunes of the team and all the biggest clubs in the world always looking to hire the best managers whatever it cost them. So today we talk about the top 5 highest paid managers in the EPL.

1.Pep Guardiola


The father of tiki-taka and the stepping stone for the unbeatable Barcelona side, which conquered the world. Pep has come a long way now. A lovely yet tenure with Bayern has now brought him to Manchester.AGuardiola joined City this summer after three years at Bayern, who he guided to the Bundesliga title last season. He is considered by some as one of the greatest managers alive and therefore will be paid a heft amount, 15 million a year by the Manchester outfit. Time will only tell, if this investment is pragmatic.

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