Nexus Day Surgery Centre in collaboration with SportVot becomes the ‘Official Healthcare Partner’ for four national level athletes from Maharashtra. SportVot, a Mumbai based sports tech company initiated a year long partnership between Nexus Day Surgery Centre and three Kabaddi players and one football player representing Maharashtra at the national level.

Nexus Day Surgery Centre has now become the official healthcare partner of Ms. Harjeetkaur Sandhu and Ms. Sayali Keripale, Ms. Sapna Jaiswar and Ms. Pranali Nagdeote. The partnership comes in as a huge advantage to the players as the sports season in India is in full swing and players are bound to have some sort of injuries on the way. Nexus Day Surgery Centre, a dedicated sports injury surgery centre, with this association promised to provide premium healthcare treatment for the year 2023 at free of cost.

This partnership initiated by SportVot is an important step in the commercialization of grassroots sports and opening up of newer markets for brands. SportVot Co-Founder Ms. Shubhangi Gupta excerpts, “The domestic sports community has presented itself as a huge market for brands that are looking to connect directly with the people and such initiatives and collaborations are becoming a distinguished way to connect both the worlds with best of the opportunities. The lower tier sports have more often than not been looked away by brands. However, it is the lower sports events that have the potential to build a brand image and brand identity directly in the minds of the masses. This collaboration will be setting a precedence for many more brands in the future who wish to build their image within the community. The collaboration is an important step in revolutionising lower tier sports in India and we are more than happy to play our role in it. Connecting the Nexus Day Surgery Centre with the future stars of Indian sports takes us a step further in being consistent in our motto of uplifting below the pro tier sports ecosystem and give a platform to the next-gen talent”

SportVot in the past has associated with several brands helping them set their foot in the sports marketing arena. However, this partnership of the Nexus Day Surgery Centre comes in with a deeper impact of backing the local talent and empowering the development of sports in India.


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