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Pressure Is On The Big Teams, Not On Leicester City: Claudio Ranieri

After a season full of surprises & joy for the Leicester fans, its about time for a new beginning. It promises to be an exciting season and the big teams will try and come hard against the champions in the quest of regaining their lost pride and their desired positions.

A season where Premier league giants such as Manchester United & Chelsea could not make it to the Champions League. Manchester City somehow managed to make it to the top 4 & against all odds Ranierias men believed in themselves and clinched the title which created a huge buzz across the football world.

This huge upset for the big teams has forced them to make alterations in their sides in order to avoid the same situation in the upcoming season. We have already started to witness some highly prized managers such us Jose Mourinho for Manchester United, Pep Guardiola at Manchester City & Antonio Conte roped in for Chelsea.

While on the other hand Claudio Ranieri is quite confident about his side. He feels the reaction of these big clubs on an unexpected Premier League result last time around indicates towards the pressure these big clubs are facing. They will come well prepared and with different strategies to win the title.

Claudio Ranieri
Claudio Ranieri

“There is no pressure on us, there are very good managers as mentioned who have come in for big teams like Chelsea, United & Man City, but the thing that makes me smile is the fact that in the end their can only be one winner”, says Claudio Ranieri.

Leicesteras goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel who played every match in the previous season believes that the belief and the desire to win was their throughout the season and it has not changed, “We work hard and trust each other and play as a unit which makes us a good team. Without thinking about the results we just need to get back on the ground and give our best without thinking much about the results”, says Kasper Schmeichel.

The confident Ranieri side will start their title defence from 13th of August in an away game at Hull.

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