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United willing pay upwards of 100 million for the French international.

There are three things that huge clubs Manchester United, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and so on have that attract great players. First and foremost is Money, and money has never been an issue for clubs like United or Real Madrid who are after Paul Pogba, they are after all arguably, some of the richest football brands/clubs in the world at the moment. Then comes money, money that the player will get by signing for a particular club via sponsorship and so on, and this is very important to them. This is the money which they will use for their cars, their houses, their crazy haircuts and so on and so forth. And the third is trophies, Champions League, Europa League (for United only) and a chance to win a Ballon daor and increase number 2.

Now the price that has been quoted does raise a hellva lot of eyebrows, despite the quality of Pogba (which disappeared during the Euros), and the impact that he could have on a former lacklustre (one does not forget Zlatan) United team. For a 23-year old, who is less than two, maybe even three or four years off his prime, this seems to be a case of paying for the future. But even if any club could get six or seven years out of Pogba, in todayas market, is it right to call this shrewd business?

Paul Pogba in action for France.
Paul Pogba in action for France.

Now on paper the man has been brilliant, during Juventusas last term, and statistics suggest that he will only get better from there on. He scored 8 goals and produced 12 assists in 35 appereances, playing a pivotal role in the Old Lady winning their 5th title in as many years. Now this is just on paper and we all know how good paper is when it comes to real life. Just take a look at Leicester City Premier League trophy and their 5000 to 1 odds on paper.

But ever since he joined the Italian side, he has been the best under-23 player in the league, showing physical maturity beyond his years in what is widely regarded as one of the toughest leagues to play in, especially for a midfielder. But thereas an argument to be made, that the France international is still quite far from a finished paintingAwith a few brush strokes here and there and a little fixing up with his passing in the final third. But Mourinho still wants him, his final piece in the puzzle that is the United squad.

Since he is being relentlessly pursued by Manchester United and their fans, letas compare his stats with some of United’s players. Now keep in mind that these are just statistics and but they still prove that Pogba is a midfield power house. He will be brilliant at dictatingAthe tempo and moving the ball forward, much better than Morgan SchneiderlinA. He can deliver quality long balls to Zlatan or spread them wide to Martial or Henrikh down the wing. He is tall and uses that well in the air, can easily shrug off players with ease and has considerable skill with the ball and plus he can win the ball in the middle of the park, and then set up an attack. Another plus is that other than Schweini, Zlatan and Rooney, he will give them long range shooting abilities that not many United players have, and he has an absolute monster of a shot and can shoot withAboth feet. AAnd he’ll give them style or rather he and Zlatan will change that side for good.

Pogba and Dybala
Pogba and Dybala

All in all is he worth a hundred million pounds?

It depends on how one looks at it. Raheem Sterling was worth 50 million pounds, so I guess the verdict is still out.

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