The Nashik District Cricket Association is all set to bring in the biggest , one of the most important cricket tournaments within the domestic circuit, ‘Hakim Merchant Trophy 2023′

The domestic cricket season in India is going on in full swing and the authorities at the higher level have their eyes set on these matches as they discover the emerging cricketing talent in India. The Hakim Merchant Trophy 2023 is set to take the central stage in the domestic circuit from 15th March 2023 and has a long planned season of ahead of it. The tournament is set to host 48 clubs and 2500+ next-gen cricketers from Nashik.

The NDCA has recently signed up with SportVot, a Mumbai based sports-tech company as their official digital partners. The Hakim Merchant Trophy comes in as the first tournament to be digitised and live streamed via SportVot. The digitisation of the tournament is going to be a key aspect to track the player performances in the tournament and take the tournament to cricket audiences across the globe. The live streaming of the tournament is also going to be a key element for the players and the coaches as they get to see their as well as other teams matches and have a better understanding of the game. The detail scoring for the tournament is set to track every player from the tournament and maintain his records via digital player profiling.

While the players are gearing for the tournament, these key additional tools brought in by NDCA have also become a topic of interest as they try to make the most use of it. This year’s Hakim Trophy tournament, apart from some brilliant cricket, is also going to be about a domestic sporting organisation trying to adopt technology at the grassroots level and building the habit of digitization to empower the players and the sport.

To follow the Hakim Merchant Tournament, stay tuned on SportVot.


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