Panaji, 07th March, 2023: The World Table Tennis Star Contender Goa created history in multiple ways for the sport in the country. It was the country’s first tournament under the aegis of World Table Tennis, attracting leading players worldwide. The organizers considered making music with a table tennis ball to make it interesting for the viewers. WTT Star Contender Goa which was held at Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Indoor Stadium, Goa from 27th Feb to 05th March, 2023 was hosted by STUPA Sport Analytics, the official data partners for WTT and International Table Tennis Federation, along with the Government of Goa. Sports Authority of Goa and Dream Foundation were the event partners while Table Tennis Federation of India were the supporting partners of the event.

“We wanted to leverage the international tourney, which saw participation from more than 30 countries and over 200 players, to showcase the varied talents of India. We wanted the music to be inspired by the game, so we zeroed in on creating music from a table tennis ball,” said Megha, CEO STUPA Sport Analytics. “Anubha Bajaj was an obvious choice for us, as she is a former junior level national table tennis player who understands the game’s vibe and is now creating interesting music leveraging varied objects, including parts of a car, drinking coffee, and even household objects. The reception for the music was phenomenal, as the table tennis fraternity felt that it was close to their heart, inspired by their game.”

“The table tennis ball stands at a light 2.7 grams, so creating music from it can be challenging. I initially dropped the idea altogether, but after multiple attempts and visualizing various shots of table tennis, I came closer to creating music that could potentially stimulate a player and energize the atmosphere inside the stadium.

The depth in the music was created by adding the universal voice of ‘CHO’ – a boisterous exclamation of joy when one hits a good shot. This is an integral part of the game, unique to the game, and an essential part of it,” said Anubha. ” I am delighted with the response and look forward to contributing more to the game, which has given me so much love and affection.”

Music created by Anubha leveraging the table tennis ball:-

Parts of a car:

Leveraging Cow’s meow:

Household objects:


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