March 2023: Dr. Mallika Nadda talks about the growth of Special Olympics Bharat Athletes and them making a mark on the World. In light of the Snow Sports Coaching Camp held in Narkanda, Himachal Pradesh, in late February, Dr. Nadda said, “The Winter Games is a challenge for us. When we go down memory lane it was a very difficult step taken by Himachal to initiate snow games, events, and coaching camps, but as we began and as we went on with it, things started falling together.”

Athletes from Special Olympics Bharat took part in the World Winter Games for the first time in 1993 – it was a small yet efficient team that returned to India with medals, even after participating in the games for the first time. Dr. Mallika Nadda has expressed pride in our special athletes and in their role at the Winter games. “I am proud that our special athletes have been participating in the Winter Olympic Games throughout the world. They have made a mark in the Winter Olympics with a lot of medals and have given a lot of honour to the country,” she said.

Snow sports camps were started in the Himachal region in 2008 and involved a great effort by the coaches. “I salute our coaches who form the very backbone of our program. They are extremely sincere and hardworking and take extensive care of the special athletes,” said Dr. Nadda.

Dr. Mallika Nadda is the Chairperson of Special Olympics Bharat. She is a leading social activist in India and her husband, Sh. J.P. Nadda, President of the Bharatiya Janata Party is also a member of the Special Olympics Bharat Board. Mrs. Nadda set up the Himachal Pradesh Chapter of Special Olympics Bharat in 2002, also taking the lead in organizing Snow Sports and Winter Games, enabling the Athletes to participate in the Special Olympics World Winter Games in high numbers, thereafter.

Please find below the link to Dr. Mallika Nadda, Chairperson, Special Olympics Bharat, talking about India making its mark in the World Winter Games :


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