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Simone Biles and the 5 Olympic golds

Even as a young girl, her awareness in the air especially when jumped up for a backAflip was extremely evident, and nobody could have ever wondered, hell that thought would not have never crossed anyone’s mind. That 16 years after she was nearly left homeless, Simone Biles would go on to become the most decorated American female gymnast ever. With talent, charisma and that megawatt smile, the 4 foot 8 gymnast is an absolute shoo in for multiple gold medals at her maiden Olympics.

But I am getting ahead of myself. AAt the 2013 Secret U.S. Classic, falls and mistakes in her first three events left the then 16 year oldAso mentally rattled that she chose not to even attempt a vault and then came the rainbow and with it the pot of gold, all of this at the 2013 P and G Championships. Still a 16 year old Simone Biles showedAhigh-difficulty skills and faultless execution and a touch of confidence that every champion needs and that has become her competitive signature. She won the all-around gold medal and took silver medals on all four apparatuses: vault, uneven bars, balance beam and floor.

And everything was awesome from there on. She won every single all around competition since the 2013 P&G Championships and set standards that even she found tough to beat. ‘One of my proudest moments was probably 2013 Worlds,a? Biles said in an interview, a?because I proved to myself that I could do things that I didnat think I could.’ AThe fact that she managed to win an all around gold despite making horrible errors on her strongest appartatus, shows what the 2012 London Olympics missed.

With Coach Bela Karolyi comparing her to Nadia Comancei (first to be awarded a 10 in Olympic history) and Mary Lou Retton describing Biles as the top gymnast in history, further adds to fact when one takes into consideration that both the athletes mentioned above became legends at the Olympics.

What’s the fact? That Simone Biles can win 5 Olympic Golds…

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