Trump Card a new rule introduced in the game.

The Elite Pro Basketball Pre – Season got underway in a thrilling fashion as Delhi Dominators beat Chandigarh Conquerors by 1 point. The final score read Delhi Dominators 74 and Chandigarh Conquerors 73. A brand-new rule was introduced called the ‘Trump Card’ which gives a unique twist to the game. The team can use 1 Trump Card throughout the game for 2 minutes, a coach can select any of his team players as a trump card and whatever he scores in those 2 minutes adds a double point. This gives an immense advantage to the teams.

The match was extremely close and tense with the lead switching both ways, Tanmay Mali from Delhi Dominators top scored with 22 points which helped the team defeat Chandigarh Conquerors by 1 point. Chandigarh Conquerors were leading by 3 points with 4 minutes remaining on the clock and Delhi Dominators, used the Trump Card and went ahead by 1, Tanmya Mali was the crucial factor that changed the course of the match. In the last quarter, Delhi was down by 3 points, but his efforts turned the match. Rawat top scored with 17 points for Chandigarh Conquerors. The Delhi Dominators were coached by Nizhar Ahmed and Chandigarh Conquerors were coached by Girdhari Singh Shekhawat.

The second match featured Mumbai Stars v/s Pune Pythons which was won easily by Mumbai with a score of 126 – 79, Gurwinder Singh top scored with 26 points and Kumar N from Pune Pythons finished the game with 22 points. In another match, Lucknow Swarms piped Hyderabad Hoops with a scoreline of 100 – 90. Chennai Turbos ramped past Bengaluru Stallions 78-54.



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