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Deepika completes 200th international match for India

periactin for sale, generic dapoxetine. New Delhi,A10 April 2017:AProlific midfielder Deepika completed her 200th International match for IndiaAonASundayAat the Womenas Hockey World League Round 2. The Indian teamas victory against Chile in the final was,Aa?the icing on the cake,a? according to Deepika who was thrilled about the teamas performance in WestAVancouver.A India beat Chile 3-1 in a tense shootout to win the final.A

The 30-year-old from Haryana made her international debut in 2003 and since has been a regular member ofAthe Senior Womenas squad. a?We just celebrated the victory and my 200th international match by going out forAdinner here. I could not have asked for a better way to celebrate my 200th match. This was a very important winAfor us as this will help us build our confidence going into the World League Semi Final,a? expressed Deepika.

At last yearas Asian Champions Trophy in Malaysia, where India won their maiden title, Deepika played a vitalArole and was also awarded the a?highest scorer of the tournament’ for her effort. She had scored in the dyingAminutes of the final match against China to win by a narrow margin of 2-1. a?The team has been together for aAwhile now so we know each oneas plus and minus. We have grown as a strong unit and we are determined forAbetter results especially after the Rio Olympics which I personally feel we could have played better,a? she added.

Deepika has been a key member of the team not just in terms of her experience on the pitch but sheas a greatAinspiration to younger members of the squad. a?I think we have a great mix of players. I would like to thank myAteammates as I carry several good memories in my career thus far and I couldnat have come this far withoutAtheir support,a? she said. Speaking of her personal goals, moving forward in her career, Deepika said, a?OurAimmediate goal would be to perform well at the World League Semi Final and also win the Asia Cup this year,a?Ashe concluded.

Md. Mushtaque Ahmad, Secretary General, Hockey India, congratulated Deepika on her 200th internationalAappearance. a?Deepika is an extremely talented player and she has earned her position in the team with someAgreat performances. I congratulate her on completing 200 matches for India and I also congratulate the teamAfor winning the final at the Womenas Hockey World League Round 2. I am sure Deepikaas experience willAcontinue to motivate the youngsters in the team and wish her success in the matches to come.a?

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