The IPL 2020 is just a few months away and the fans are eagerly waiting for the event to start. Well, even for the fans who love to bet on their favorite teams, they can visit and perform betting to the fullest.

Speaking about the IPL 2019, the season produced some of the best talents. Right from the likes of Rishabh Pant to the blasting Andre Russell, audience loved IPL 2019 to the core.

Still, we are going towards an all-new IPL Season and things can’t get better than this. In 2020, there will be players that are allset to perform to their best.

Let’s go ahead and uncover the names of players who will catch the eyes of the audiences.

1. Mitchell Starc

Talking about the world’s best bowler will bring Mitchell Starc into the limelight. He is Australia’s leading bowler and has given some of the best performances in the world cup.

Speaking about his IPL seasons, he got featured in 2014 along with the 2015 IPL games. However, right after that, the Australian star bowler has been away since 2015.

Currently, the bowler performed exceptionally well at the World Cup 2019. He took many wickets whereas his swinger Yorker was a major highlight.

Therefore, for the IPL 2020, Mitchell Starc is allset to make a comeback and will be on the eyes of the viewers, in every single match.

2. Eoin Morgan

England’s World Cup and current captain, Eoin Morgan has definitely gone all out to make his team win the 2019 World Cup. Quite surprisingly, he went unsold in the last year’s IPL Season.

But, seeing the England captain’s past performances, there is no doubt that the bidders will keep an eye on the England captain.

As soon as the Season of England will start, the English players will remain for the IPL auctions for 2020.

Along with his batting ability, Eoin Morgan’s captaincy skills have been phenomenal. While few IPL teams are searching for their captain, Eoin Morgan will prove to be worth and is allset to bring his ‘A’ game on the table.

3. Glenn Maxwell

Known as the X factor all over the world, Glenn Maxwell is one of the most aggressive players in cricket history. Indeed, throughout his part performances, he has been praised by the world audiences.

Speaking about the 2019 World Cup, Glenn Maxwell performed exceptionally well in every single match.

Even since Glenn Maxwell debut where he was bought by the Mumbai Indians, the Australian all-rounder has made his position in the Australian team.

Yet again, it’s time for the IPL 2020 season and the bidder’s eyes will be on Glenn Maxwell. Indeed, with a player who has got unmatchable batting skills along with a good bowling economy, every other team will want the Australian star right in their team.

4. Pat Cummins

Quite commendable, Pat Cummins is Australia’s leading fast bowler and has the number one rank in Test Bowling ranking. Speaking about the 2019 cricket World Cup, the Australian star bowler took plenty of wickets.

Also, he was injured before 2017 and since his return in the year 2017; he has been a different player. For the year 2020, Pat Cummins has told media certain occasions where he will play the T20 cricket.

In terms of the IPL teams, he will be a great asset as he knows how to play with the bat too. For the IPL 2020 season, he will try his best to be in good shape and at the same time let his team win IPL with great ease.

Summing Up

We have come to the ending phase whereas the IPL 2020 season is about to start in a few months. Lots of excitement has occurred for the fans who love betting too and do bid for their favorite teams.

As and when the time for the IPL 2020 comes, the fans will be busy buying match tickets. Either you can opt for the online option or even the offline ticket booking scenario is pretty fine.

Thereafter, you can simply watch matches being at the respective stadium with utmost joy and excitement.


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