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We Are Not Done Yet: Wenger Talks About The Transfer Window

Itas has been the same old story for any Arsenal fan over the last 11 odd years.

With our last League title coming in the 2003-2004 season, a sensational year for any Arsenal fan boy or girl, Arsenal and Wenger have only managed a 2nd place finish in just one season since then. With multiple fourth place finishes and economical restraints due to the new stadium being built, the Gunners had to rely on players already present at the club and could not spend as much as the other teams, in what was the financial boom in the Premier League.

Then the loss of multiple players, Samir Nasri, Cesc Faberegas and main striker Robin Van Persie, all of them who left either for a better contract or to win titles (donat blame them but still hate them.) Arsene Wenger failed to find good replacements for all three, especially Van Persie who happened to be the best striker since Thierry Henry (God!) left for Barcelona. Even though he signed Oliver Giroud and Lukas Podolski in the 2012-2013 season, neither of them managed to perform as well as the Dutch striker. Especially Podolski who was tipped to be the next great german thing. Then came the boom bang, with most of the debts paid, Wenger decided it was time splurge on some new players. After a relatively shitty transfer window, he signed Mesut Ozil, the visionary and pass master on the last day of the 2013-2014 transfer window.

42 million for a genius
42 million for a genius..


The winds of change brewed, as the Gunners won their first title in 9 years with an FA cup win, and hope brewed among fans and believers alike. Then the very next season, Arsene signed Alexis Sanchez, Danny Welbeck and many other players. And fans were obviously very excited and the Gunners finished the season with a third place finish, the first in years and another FA cup win. Sensational times were ahead and finally some progress was being made and we were not dying in the same sad small wins, after injuries and massive slip ups and all this after being top at Christmas every bloody season. There is only so much we can take. ASo that year brought something back, and then came last season.

With nearly every big team faltering, this was finally our chance, top at the table at Christmas, with last year champs Chelsea at 15th, United at 5th and City a close third. This seemed to be the year, and then came reality. Our strikers went out of form, major injuries, stupid draws and losses all contributed to a second place finish.

Leicester's brillant season
Leicester’s brillant season


But this year, Wenger insists will be different and with United paying a world record sum for Pogba, City buying multiple targets, Arsene Wenger has said that the Gunners are far from done in the transfer market. Despite the fact that our search for a striker has stalled with Lyon rejecting a bid for Alexandre Lacaxette. Although rumor has it that Wenger is targeting the unused Wilfred Bony, who plays second fiddle for Sergio Augero. The Frenchman has said that the club was more than happy to pay for any targets available but the players available were not up to his mark.

a?No not at all a we want to spend the money when we have it. But we respect the money we have a it is very difficult to find the quality of players who are available. Despite all the money that exists in England there is very little movement in the transfer market,a said the 66 year old. a?We are in the transfer market; we are focused on concentrating on the players we have to get them ready for the season. On the other hand, with what happened with us, of course we are looking outside to strengthen our squad.a

And now with both Mertesacker and Gabriel injured, and Laurent Koscienly not fully fit yet, Wenger will have to bring in replacements or rely on both Calum Chambers and Rob Holding or playing Nacho Monreal in an experimental role for him as centre back.

The next Patrick Vieira?
The next Patrick Vieira???


However, both the midfield and the goalkeeping department are up to scratch with multiple quality players all ready to step up if called upon. Aaron Ramsey, Granit Xhaka, Mohammad Elneny, Francis Coquelin, Jack Wilshere and Santi Cazorla, all classy centre players bring a welcome headache for Wenger but it shows our midfield strength. Combined with Mesut Ozil, Alexis Sanchez, Theo Walcott among others, Wenger will have to find the right combination like he did at the start of last season.AAWith both Petr Cech and David Ospina in top form for the club. And as Wenger heads into his 20th year at Arsenal he faces the challenge of his career with clubs gainingAtop managers in what is to be the heavyweight battle of the bosses this season.


Brillant managers in their own way, most of them
Brillant managers in their own way, most of them


But considering the fact that the man will come up; against Pep Guardiola’s vault laden with successes at Manchester City, Conte’s tactical acumen and hard hitting play at Chelsea. Along with Jose Mourinho astuteness, irritability and the fact that he has a major problem with Wenger and a massive stick up his backside, at Manchester United, JA?rgen Klopp’s eccentricity and heavy metal football at the Liverpool. And who can forget Claudio Ranieri’s exceptional work ethic and belief in his players at Leicester. I am not mentioning Mauricio Pochettino because we all know Arsenal are going to celebrate the perennial St Totteringham’s Day, whether itas on the last day or the second month, itas gonna happen if nothing else will. All equals one tough season, without Tottenham obviously.

Wenger has also failed to rule out his own exit, as his contract does end at the end of this season and could be his last. a?You never know in your job. It is a love story that you hope will last your whole life but you know it could stop at any moment.AWhat I will do is continue to work as long as I have the physical potential to work. I will always worka said the Frenchman

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