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Sanil Shetty & Harmeet Desai – Best of India beating the Best of the World

When CEAT Ultimate Table Tennis started on July 13, 2017, Sanil Shetty and Harmeet Desai were promisingAtalents representing Falcons TTC and DHFL Maharashtra United respectively.

Sanil Shetty
Harmeet Desai of DHFL Maharashtra United

On Day 1 of the league, Sanil Shetty made a cracking debut in UTT beating world No. 31 Tiago Apolonia from RP-SG Mavericks inAsingles followed by beating the pair of Sharath Kamal and Sofia Polcanova in mixed doubles with Lee Ho Ching. In his next tie, SanilAcame met Dabang Smashers, losing the singles match against Marcos Freitas but winning the mixed doubles tie against SathiyanAGnanasekaran and Tetyana Bilenko.

The confidence of beating world No. 31 was carried when he faced world No. 29 Quadri Aruna of Oilmax Stag Yoddhas. Sanil cleanAswept Quadri 3-0 followed up by another clean sweep in mixed doubles.

It was then Harmeet Desai chance to shine. Making his debut against Oilmax Stag Yoddhas, Harmeet clean swept world No. 19APanagiotis Gionis 3-0 on debut. In his next tie against RP-SG Mavericks, the Surat lad continued his good form beating world No. 23AStefan Fegerl and winning the mixed doubles tie against the pair of Sharath Kamal and Sofia Polcanova.

With their stellar performances the two have brought in a perception change. From promising players, they have become match-winners.

Sanil Shetty
Harmeet Desai of DHFL Maharashtra United in action during the Oilmax-Stag Yoddhas and DHFL Maharashtra United match

a?It has been a great learning experience this entire UTT. To even watch these top players train so closely is just amazing,a? said Sanil.AHarmeet echoes the sentiments of Sanil. a?To train and share dressing room alongside world No. 8 (Wong Chun Ting) is something IApersonally never experienced. Itas the small things that they do differently which is a great lesson for all of us,a? explained Harmeet.

Sanilas elder brother Sachin Shetty coaches RP-SG Mavericks in the league. It was against Mavericks where Sanil drew first blood.Aa?He took the match away from us with the four points (two points each against Tiago Apolonia & Sharath Kamal/ Sofia Polcanova). IAam sure he will come out a better player after the league,a? said Sachin.

On the other hand, Ferenc Karsai, coach of DHFL Maharashtra United is also excited about Harmeet as a prospect. a?He has a goodAattitude and a game to back it. He can easily become the best Indian player in next few years,a? pointed Karsai, who has coachedAAustria, Belgium and Canada national teams previously.


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