National, March 21, 2023: The flame that is ignited by passion never extinguishes. This statement holds true for Anup Singh, a national Golf Player and head Golf coach of Karma Lakelands Golf Resorts in Gurugram, who played the National Circuit in the Junior and Amateur Category and also represented India globally.

Anup has now set a whopping new World Record for “The Farthest Distance Travelled while Controlling a Golf Ball” by travelling 12 kms while juggling the ball with club and without letting the ball drop through the circumference of the estate of Karma Lakelands on the morning of 21st March 2023.

Anup took 2 hours, 27 minutes to complete 12000 meters, 3 rounds of the Karma Lakelands estate and create a new record, which initially set by an American, named Ashrita Furman, by walking 2.903 meters.

Ashrita Furman has 600 World Records registered to his name. However, with months of practice Anup has not only broken the record but also set a high standard for the Guinness Records, raising the bar of the sport of Golf. A certified coach and referee, he practiced for years in rain and sunshine, harsh winter, sometimes with team members and sometimes alone to be physically and mentally prepared for the big day, taking care of his fitness, diet and maintaining focus.

Anup Singh who has been training and coaching at the 9-hole golf course of Karma Lakelands is a popular team member. Many team members and senior directors Karma Lakelands cheered and accompanied Anup Singh as he walked the grounds.

“I want to express my heart felt gratitude to mother India, my family and the team of the Karma Lakelands for offering me relentless support and motivation as I set out to achieve this milestone. I practiced from 6 to 9 kms, but the constant motivation and cheering of the Karma team members I could walk full 12 kms. I feel blessed to have achieved this record for my country and raise the bar of a sport I love deeply. I plan to attempt few more in coming years,” said an elated and emotional Anup on creating the record.

Speaking on the achievement of Anup Singh, Aryadev Khurana, Director Karma Lakelands said, “We are all immensely proud of Anup and were very sure will create a new record. What is commendable is he walked upto 12000 meters. He could have continued to walk for a few more kilometers but asked him to stop, as 12kms is a great record. This laser sharp focus is worthy of an applause! He has not only made a new record, but raised the bar for golf lovers across the globe. We have been watching him for years to prepare for this event and can say his practice and perseverance have finally paid off.”

About Karma Lakelands Golf Resort:

Karma Lakelands is a par 35, 9-hole golf course that offers an 18-hole experience. Challenging greens and water hazards make it a magnet for any golfer. What is worthy of an acknowledgement, is the fact that the entire course is organically maintained. The ground water levels are high and mother nature’s splendour is experienced in every breath, every step.


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