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AFC has given the AIFF suggestions over the future of Indian football at the stakeholders meeting at Kuala Lumpur today.

Stakeholders in Indian football have agreed a clearly defined road map to create the right structure for Indian club football in the coming years which would culminate in a new and sustainable future for the game across the country.

At a roundtable meeting held today Wednesday in Kuala Lumpur – facilitated by the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) – a consensus was reached on working together to find the way forward for the development of Indian club football.

The meeting was attended byArepresentatives from severalAIndian Super League and I-League clubs, along with officials of Football Players Association of India (FPAI), AIFF and AFC president Dato Windsor.

Agreement was reached that the ultimate goal was to establish the right structure for league football in India and that a strong league would help develop better players and coaches, which would enhance the national team and that would then, in turn, assist the continued growth of club football.

The AIFF will decide the format for the short-term and there was an agreementAaround a road map to deliver medium and long-term plans for the game in India through a detailed process.

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Independent research would be commissioned and analysed before being evaluated by the AIFF and the stakeholders, with the decisions on the medium and long-term pathway being taken as soon as possible after the FIFA U-17 World Cup, held in India later this year.

AFC President Dato Windsor’s Comments

AFC President Datoa Windsor said: a?There was a desire by people, who are extremely passionate about the game, to marry the strengths of both the traditional and the new, which helped in delivering the objectives of the meeting in which the AFC listened to the key stakeholders.”

a?The objectives were clear; to help provide a road map for the future development of Indian football by reaching a consensus on the way forward. It was a significant step forward that there was unanimous agreement that the right structure for the game should be paramount.”

“There is a need to find solutions which ensure that Indian football is protected and that there are opportunities for young players, who must not be lost to our game,” he added.

Kushal Das, the AIFF General Secretary, added: a?We are grateful to the AFC for facilitating the meeting which is crucial to the development of football in India. We must go through this process to create the best future for the game in our country. In the meantime, we have to decide on the short-term future of the game as soon as possible.a?

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