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Virat Kohli is in form of his Life. After an unbelievable run in T20 WC and IPL, Kohli has taken this form to the longest form of the game.A

Many tired indians had their eyes glued to their screens just to see Virat Kohli raise his standards after every match and after his 100, India would have slept peacefully.

There are various things to talk about, his technique, timing, consistency but the most amazing thing of his 12th Test century was the smoothness of his innings. He is a natural aggressor but this time he had a new calmness to his batting. Such calmness was felt when we watched greats like Sachin Tendulkar, Jacques Kallis, Ricky Ponting.

Kohli feared none, his technique and form is at optimum level and Windies failed to bother him, even a bit. Apart from one edge which eventually reached the boundary from the 4th slip coordinate, there wasn’t a single moment where Kohli looked on the back foot.

The way he middled the ball, the flow of the bat and his footwork was seamless. Whenever Kohli reaches a century, his celebrations are worth watching, he jumps and punches the air, there are a flurry of abuses in thrill and excitement. Today there was a different picture, he just took of his helmet, raised his bat to the heavens, kissed the Indian Flag on his helmet and Smiled. We can now say Our Young Virat Kohli has grown up to be a responsibile man. He is already seeking revenge from west Indies who had cost him T20 Wc.

Also, one of the important point is the way he left the ball. Kohli was often criticized for unnecessarily feeling the ball on 5th or 6th stump. Here, he left those balls, if it was pitched up he drove them through the line. Bishoo, who is the pick of the bowlers also found it difficult to trouble the Indian Sensation.

His consistency is best in the world right now and he will give records of many legends a run for their money. His hunger for runs is growing and he just doesn’t want to score but also win matches for his side, this is a lethal combination which help India in this long test season both Home and Away. For now, we all hope Kohli scores his first double century.

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