Changing the mindset of the batsmen from shorter to longer format ahead of the Test series against West Indies is being focused by Indiaas chief coach Anil Kumble. He stressed that batting for a longer duration will be the key.

Anil Kumble Has Played 32 Test Matches
Anil Kumble Has Played 132 Test Matches

“We are focusing at changing the mindset of batsmen in terms of coming from shorter format into a longer format and the batting time as it is important to bat for a longer duration,” said Kumble, who played 132 Test matches, in his career.
IPL was played for about two months by Indian Cricketers, before going on a short tour to Zimbabwe where ODIs and T20s were played by them. According to Kumble, being boring is what is needed by the bowlers in Test Cricket.

“In the bowling department, we will be focusing of consistent lengths and being boring. That’s what we need to do when playing Test cricket. The emphasis will also be on the catching as they are important to win the games,” said Kumble, while replying to queries from fans during a Q/A session on twitter.
Kumble said both spinners and pacers will be needed to bowl together on the slower West Indies wickets.

“I believe that bowlers also bowl in partnerships like batsmen play in partnership. Spinners and fast bowlers will have an equal role. The wickets have so far been on the slower side but I don’t know what kind of wickets will be in the four Test matches. Indian spinner will have an important role to play for us to win the series,” he said.

619 Test wickets have been taken by Kumble and he said that Test cricket is real test of character for the cricketers. a?In Test cricket all three departments will be tested that’s why it is called test of character of all the three departments, so focus is on all three,” said India’s highest wicket-taker.

“What is also important is rest period or the recovery period. Other than the three departments we are also concentrating on the fitness and the recovery period.” Answering to a question on grooming Ashwin as an all-rounder as a solution to India’s balance overseas, Kumble said, “Ashwin is an extremely capable batsman and we are also blessed with some of the other lower-middle order batsmen who are extremely capable. The focus is not just on the bowlers bowling but also on the bowlers batting.”

Kumble was seen enjoying water sports with the team. He said that the last three weeks were thoroughly enjoyed by him as he was the part of Indian dressing room and it felt good to be back in Indian colors.


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